Kollsman Featured Manufacturers:
Kollsman, Inc.

Carp Industries has provided spare parts for Kollsman products for 15 years. We have over 80,000 line items available for immediate shipment. We are licensed by Kollsman for the supply of out-of-production spare parts.

Carp Industries presents these featured products. To find specific aviation products and replacement parts, please see our online catalog.

Click to see the big picture. The Precision Pressure Controller Monitor (PPCM) provides accurate testing of air data instrumentation. The operating software provides fast control of the operating pressures and it monitors internal functions to prevent damage to the unit during testing. The PPCM can also be used to measure externally generated pressures.

Click to see the big picture. Kollsman offers a complete line of Cockpit Instrumentation for commercial, business and military aircraft. The product line includes: Altimeters, Altitude Alerters, Airspeed Indicators, Vertical Speed Indicators, Fuel Flow/Fuel Used Indicators and EGT Indicators.

Click to see the big picture. The Autoschedule Cabin Pressurization Control System (KAPS) uses solid-state technology to meet the demanding requirements of business and commuter aircraft. The KAPS design eliminates many pneumatic components which reduces weight and minimizes installation and maintenance costs.

Click to see the big picture. The TTU-205 Pressure Temperature Test Set is a self-contained flightline or hangar test system used to generate or measure altitude and airspeed pressures.